What They’re Saying  

ETG Revolutionizes the way teams interact with each other and their customers.

We want to share with you what they are saying


My company was a customer of ETG Communications for many years. We had spoken with another service provider that offered us a lower price on a different solution. They used some scare tactics to persuade us to leave ETG.  What a mistake!  After a few short months we had ETG come back in, rip the other providers equipment out and place our equipment back in.  We didn’t realize how good we had it!

Dan Kirpatrik


ETG never ceases to amaze us. Each time we call they are at our shop in no time at all! You just can’t get that level of service from any other company.

Dan Serafin

They Service Everything!

We have an older phone system and were told by many others that we had to upgrade in order to get the features we wanted.  Not the case at all!  ETG was prompt, professional, and attentive to our needs.  Not only did they get the features we needed but they programmed our old system to do it. They saved us a lot of time and money!

Jason Hill